Its my joy to be the new pastor here at FBC Miamisburg. Our church is a warm, sweet fellowship of people who trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We’re certainly not a perfect church, but we are being perfected more and more into the image of Jesus, God’s holy, perfect Son. We welcome you here to join us.

Our website is currently under construction, but I want you to know some highlights of what is happening at the church. On Sunday morning at 10:45, we’re continuing our Easter sermon series called “The Cross to the Crown,” where we are looking deeply into the birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus and how the work of Jesus on our behalf is the foundation for 1) our relationship with God and 2) our relationship with each other in the church.

Our worship services are centered around a five-fold commitment to God’s inspired, inerrant, infallible Word. At FBC Miamisburg, we gather to: 1) read the Word, 2) pray the Word, 3) sing the Word, 4) preach the Word, and 5) display the Word (through baptism and the Lord’s Supper).

On Sunday nights at 6, we gather for a little more informal, but deeply meaningful time including singing, prayer, testimonies, missions moments, and Bible study. We’ve recently been doing a book study on Gregory Frizzell’s How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life. When our doors are open, we intend it to be a rich time to grow in the Lord, in our love for others in the church, and in our love for those outside the church. Our children have an awesome time in AWANA on Sunday evenings. AWANA stands for Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed, and an approved workman is someone who has a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and is growing to know Him through His Word and serve Him in His world.

On Wednesday nights at 6:30, we gather for a focused prayer service and for Bible study. At FBC Miamisburg, we want to be known as a people who are doggedly committed to bold prayer. It is God’s job to take care; it is our job to cast care. We pray extensively for the prayer requests of our people. We pray for our missionaries, our military service members, and our friends who need to know Jesus. Moreover, you can be assured that if you come on Wednesday night, you specifically will be prayed for by another. Our ladies are currently doing a book study at 7 through Joanna Weaver’s book Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. Our men (and any ladies who wish to join!) are studying through a series of the Great Prayers of the Bible.

We have many other events and opportunities to serve. This summer our children will have Vacation Bible School on June 2-7 from 6:15-9 pm, and our youth will be involved in Ohio Changers right here in Miamisburg from June 15-21. But the most important thing about our church is not what we do; the most important thing about us is who we are, or, even more accurately, “Whose we are!”

We want to be known for being unmistakably clear about what the Gospel is. Its not just an over-used, under-appreciated byword to us. The Gospel is the heartbeat of our church and the very lifeblood of all of our members. Here are six sentences that communicate what we understand to be the Good News of Jesus Christ:

  • 1) God deeply loves you because God created you for His glory.
  • 2) We all ought to have lived in grateful recognition of our Creator and in a manner that glorifies Him.
  • 3) Instead, we all have rebelled against God by sinning against Him.
  • 4) Therefore, we all deserve God’s judgment for our rejection of Him and our refusal to live for His glory.
  • 5) God, in His mercy, sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to provide for sinners the way of eternal life through His substitutionary death and resurrection.
  • 6) Eternal life is the free gift of God’s grace to all who will trust in Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and dedicate themselves to living for Him and for His glory.

I truly do hope to see you soon. My prayer is that you, together with all the saints, will grow here at FBC Miamisburg, to know what is the immeasurable height and depth and length and width of the love of Christ. His love truly knows no bounds and has gone to the deepest extents to redeem you from your sin and restore you to the reason why you were created – a relationship with God through Jesus Christ!

Til the nets are full,

Pastor John Michael