Below is a list of trusted resources that represent biblical truth.


Answers in Genesis – Apologetics ministry dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith in Jesus Christ.

CARM – Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

Compelling Truth – Presenting the truth of the Christian faith in a compelling, relevant, and practical way.  (Got Questions Ministries)

Cross Examined – Evidence that the Bible is true, and Jesus is God.

TrueLife – Providing biblical answers to life’s hard questions.



Cross Examined

God Tools

Got Questions

YouVersion Bible


Bible Study Tools

Bible Study Tools – Free tools to help you grow deeper in God’s Word.

Blue Letter Bible – Free Bible study software with Greek and Hebrew word tools.

Doctrine Survey – A comprehensive survey of several key doctrines of the Bible.  (Campus Crusade for Christ – CRU)

Got Questions – Answers to frequently asked Bible questions.

Lumina Bible – Dig deeper into the original languages with word studies and Strongs’ tagging.

Study Light – Free online Bible study tools.

WORDsearch Basic – Free Bible study software.  (LifeWay)


Discipleship Tools

Beginning Steps – Free discipleship tool for new believers.  (NAMB)

Disciple Blog – Tips and ideas for discipling kids.  (DiscipleLand Ministries)

God’s Word – The Bible and God’s Spirit are always the two most powerful discipleship tools.

How to Know God Personally – A simple, but biblical overview showing you the only way to heaven.

One Verse Evangelism – Helpful (and simple) tool for sharing Christ with others.  (Navigators)

Spiritual Growth Assessment  (LifeWay)

Spiritual Gifts Survey  (LifeWay)

Word Hand  (Navigators)



Baptist Press – Daily international Christian news wire.

Crown Financial Ministries – Free personal finance tools.

Family Life – Help for today.  Hope for tomorrow.

Family Talk – Solid answers on family-related topics.

Greater Dayton Association of Baptists – Tools and support to help local churches fulfill the Great Commission.

Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) – Reaching the world for Christ.

State Convention of Baptists in Ohio – Strengthening churches to start churches.